• GFGluten Free
  • DContains Dairy
  • FContains Flaxseed
  • EContains Free-Range Egg
  • VVegan
  • NContains Nuts
  • * Dietary information will vary depending on your choices, we recommend advising staff if you have any dietary requirements or conditions.
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Allergies & Dietary info

Allergies & Dietary

We want everyone to be able to enjoy our ice cream, that’s why we offer vegan, gluten-free, nut-free and halal-friendly flavours. We cater for a wide range of dietary requirements—but we ask that you inform us of any allergies or dietary needs before enjoying our products. We use gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, seeds and soy lecithin in our kitchens. While our equipment and premises are maintained to the highest possible standard, it’s impossible to guarantee that cross-contamination won’t occur. So, whatever your allergy, please discuss it with our staff.