I'm gluten free, what can I have?

All our classic flavours are gluten free as are many of our rotating specials – yes even our Cookies & Cream! Sometimes, we have a flavour which is unsuitable for those with high sensitivity, we recommend double-checking with staff when you order. We also have gluten free cones available.

Our ice cream is made in the same kitchen where we make our waffle cones which do contain gluten. While we take great care to avoid cross contamination, both in production and serving, traces may be present. Please let our staff know if you’d like us to scoop your ice cream using a fresh scoop.

Which ice creams are halal friendly?

We aren’t certified halal, but our ice cream is vegetarian - we never use any gelatine and none of our classic flavours contain alcohol. Occasionally we will have a special (ie. Rum & Raisin or Christmas Pudding) which contains alcohol, so it's best to check with staff before you order.

Do you offer any vegan or dairy free alternatives?

Yes! Our vegan flavours are made from house-made cashew milk which we prepare and blend with organic coconut milk. Occasionally, our dairy free / vegan specials are made using oat milk. Unless marked, all our sorbets are dairy free and vegan.

What about my nut allergy?

We recommend checking with staff before you order to confirm that your flavour is nut free. Our vegan flavours are made with cashew milk and some of our specials do contain nuts. While traces may be present we'll gladly serve you using a fresh scoop.

When will my favourite special be back?

Our specials rotate, most will be back on the menu at some point. Since we work with what’s in season, some only come around once a year. If you’d like us to let you know when a flavour is back on the menu send us a message on Instagram and we’ll let you know when we’ve made a fresh batch.

Where do your ingredients come from?

We pride ourselves on sourcing the best ingredients we possibly can. We prioritise using organic where possible, and aim to find the best tasting ingredients as locally as possible. Some of our suppliers include Schulz Organic Dairy, St. David Dairy, Bannister Downs and Burd Eggs.


How far do you travel for an event?

Our travel radius for events is usually up to 200km from Melbourne and Perth, but we have capacity to travel further, including interstate.

I'm having an event but don't need a truck or cart, can you still help?

Yes! Our ice cream sandwiches are available to pre-order in sets of 12. With enough lead time, we may even be able to offer custom branding / stickers to align with your event. Our cakes are also a great way to make a smaller gathering feel special. These are available to pre-order in our web store. We can also provide ice cream in 5L tubs for self service at smaller events. Please get in touch via email for more information.

How many people can I book for?

We service events of all sizes, from small weddings, to large festivals. No event is too big or too small.


Making Your Cake

Please allow 5 days for your cake to be made, creating high quality products takes time. In a hurry?Send us an email, we may be able to help.

Transporting Your Cake

Your cake will be packaged for easy transportation, but we recommend you come prepared with a cool bag and some ice bricks. Ideally, keep your cake out of the freezer no longer than 30 minutes.

Storing Your Cake

Recommended storage temperature is between –18° and –24° celsius.

Serving Your Cake

5–10 minutes before serving, remove your cake from the freezer, cut with a dry hot knife, enjoy!