Artisan natural handmade gelato

Billy’s real flavour

Billy van Creamy gelato is really, really, real. We make all of our gelato by hand with the freshest, highest-quality ingredients to bring out the natural flavour.

We don’t bother with nasty synthetic emulsifiers or stabilisers, and don’t even get us started on colours and preservatives. Instead, we let tasty natural ingredients like organic milk, fresh nuts, and flavour-packed vanilla beans shine through.

For real.

Billy’s dream

All it took was a lightbulb moment shared by two brothers in a Melbourne bar. Maybe it was their shared passion for good food and quality ingredients (or maybe it was a bit of a Dutch courage) but they knew straight away that they were onto a winner of an idea. Billy van Creamy was born.

So confident they were that they left the comfort and security of their stable jobs, and ran with their dream. Countless hours were spent in the kitchen perfecting Billy van Creamy’s real gelato recipes, and now, Melbourne gets to enjoy the freshest, tastiest and most flavoursome gelato this side of the galaxy.

Billy’s mates

We’re passionate about finding quality suppliers for our ingredients – that’s why we’ve dedicated a page to our friends who help Billy van Creamy gelato taste so damn good.

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Weddings and Functions

Billy van Creamy can cater for any wedding, workplace function, special occasion, celebration or party in either our stylish Food Truck or one of our Ice Cream Carts. We have experience in all sorts of locations whether it be massive festivals or small intimate weddings or functions.

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